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New Arrival for 8 lines voice recorder box

New Arrival for 8 lines voice recorder box
Product Detailed

1 8 lines voice recorder box
2 work without power
3 recorderd 2000 hours of voice
4 web brower to visit box
5 FSK and DTMF

8 lines voice recorder box description

Embedded phone boxes is a fusion of advanced digital signal processing technology, embedded voice recording products, It is simple, without a computer, recording time is long, safe, reliable, low-power, more energy-saving features, it can give your work and life with to great convenience.

This product can be widely used in commercial telephone recording, power dispatch recording, hotline telephone recording, telephone recording complaints, Key positions in telephone recording, paging stations recording, recording of financial securities, public security alarm recording, call monitoring the security sector, aviation, railway, transportation scheduling recordings and the recording industry's production scheduling.


Features and functionality : 

1.Power that can work without connecting to the computer, independent, low power consumption, the product machine consumes less than 4 watts.


2.Default standard 8G TF card, support for G729 and mp3 compression format, saving storage space, sustainable recorded 2000 hours of voice, high compression and high-quality, easy to play.


3.Remote login through web browser to visit record box device, convenient management recording system.


4.Support network management, support multi-user management and visit, you can set users with different operating authority, protection of audio data security, will not leak and lost.


5.Support real-time query record, multi-criteria query, convenient and quick to find recording information, real-time playback of audio files, download and delete record audio files.


6.Recordings may aggregate statistics by channel and time and support the sort of records in many ways, user-friendly to operate.


7.Support dual standard call number detection(FSK and DTMF), automatically adaptive capability, with caller ID accuracy rate up to larger than 99.9%.


8.High Resistance design in telephone interfaces, to ensure no impact to the original telephone system and no impact to communication between the two sides.


9.Using DSP digital technology, 8-channel work independently, high quality recording, voice processing ability, and the system is embedded linux software, safe and reliable, anti-virus.


10. When the system disk will be full, the system will automatically remove the first audio files in order to ensure that the system can record continuously. Also be set to automatically back up recordings, ensure the recording of data is not lost.


11. Support software telephone line voltage measurement function, can adapt to any telephone line.


12. Telephone module telephone lines against lightning strikes and anti-short, safe, reliable, and durable.


13. Support online software upgrades, convenient and practical.


14. Support Simplified Chinese, English and other languages versions.


Panel Description:


The installation process:


1 telephone line connection method:

a. with a patch panel connection method:




If you have room patch panels, according to complete the installation shown above. Extension from the patch panel wiring to a cable to another leads to the telephone jack on the telephone recording box is complete.

b. Double wiring hole phone connection method:


If you use the phone wiring has two holes, then a voice switch wiring access hole extension line, and the remaining hole with the supplied wiring cable connected to the recording box wiring holes, as shown below:

c. single connection hole phone connection method:


If you use only one phone connection hole, you need to use the junction box. Voice switches, wireless access junction box extension of the input hole, 2 out of a hole with the supplied cable connected to the phone, one connected to the recording box, as shown below:


Each telephone channel has an LED indicator, channel indicator that the meaning of:

LED on: telephone and telephone hook ring LED off: hang up and phone calls to stop vibration LED flash: no connected phone line or line fault LED fast flash: the phone module channel exception

Product pictures and package


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