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8 channel--32 sim cards gsm gateway

8 channel--32 sim cards gsm gateway
Product Detailed

1,8 channel-32 sims gsm gateway
2,IMEI auto rotate
3,Call termination
4,automatic rotate(8ports 32 SIM cards)
5, call back

Description of Product:

1,What is FWT and function?

1.1, The full name of FWT is Fixed Wireless Terminal, designed to work on mobile frequency networks. It can be connected to single line telephones(SLT) or PABX systems using analogue SLT ports.Ittakesastandardmobilephonesimcardandmakeacall.
1.2, It is often used when a landline connection is not available where voice, fax or internet are required. It is connection of landline type devices such as telephones, fax machines and computers. You can take easy with FWT. It can also be connected to a phone system to help reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.



2.1, Our GSM FWT meets to the China National Communication Standards YD/T884-1996. It also
accord withthe Europe Communication Standards.It is permitted touse in GSM network.
2.2,It is a mobile phone like device that produces a dial tone and make a call
2.3, SKYLINE 8 Ports GSM FWT is RJ-11 of FXS/FXO port connection of any PBX, VoIP Gateway, head line phones or system.


3,The Parameters Of SKYLINE 8 Ports GSM FWT


4, For Public phone system and PBX or VoIP Termination

 Importment Information
 Now our system can use in public phone system and PBX and VoIP, all functions need set by line-telephone before you use it. If you cannot find the function you need, please
sent email or call to ourcompany for ward more information.
If you want to set some functions in advance,please tell sales when you decide to buy.


5,  Specific function details
Make and receive a call as a phone
Transfer cable signal into wireless signal and make or receive a call in outdoor
Locking SIM Card
Locking mobile service provider
Setting 10 group of number digits
Setting 10 group saliasing
Setting dial-updelay time
Setting # as a dial out number or not
Set waiting time of dialing out
Setting 10 group of forbidden dail number
Set of forbid calling in
Set pressing # then dial number or not
Set restarting after multi failure of dialing out
Set restarting in idle time out
Set volume calss of SPK&MIC
Set recovering default condition
Set adding prefixed IP number to dial
Set auto-answer incoming call
Set continuous dial number till receive
Set dialing out number including+
Set busytone rapid response
Set Locking wireless terminal
Set detecting simcards is right in serted or not


Pay attention:
This model is suitable for country with problem of Block SIM Card
A,Support Auto update IMEI function,and can avoid blocking sim cards totally.
B, 8 ports with 32 sim cards, every port has 4 sim cards for rotation, reduce long calling time of every sim card.










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