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New arrival for RoIP Gateway,VoIP phone

New arrival for RoIP Gateway,VoIP phone
Product Detailed

1,RoIP Gateway,VoIP phone
2,Build in GSM/CDMA Module
3,Point-to-Point Mode and Group Transmit Mode
4,Link up radio

RoIP Gateway,VoIP phone Description:

What is a Cross-Network Gateway?
It enables voice communications among the Radio, VoIP, GSM, and Public Announce (PA) networks.
It incorporates Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) which converts radio voice communications into VoIP.
It links up various radio networks together in order to extend the geographical coverage.
It is a GSM voice gateway by enabling voice communications to and from the telephone networks (GSM and PSTN)
It enables a voice connection to the public announce system for general and emergency broadcast.
It makes recording of voice communications among various networks simple and easy.Who needs a Cross-Network Gateway?
Adio Service Operators who would like to expands their geographical coverage.
Radio User who would like to make and receive calls from the telephone networks.
System administrators who would like to monitor and maintain good control over the existing radio networks.
System Integrator who would like to build or deploy a reliable voice communication network in timely manner



Hardware interface

3 Sets of Standard PTT Control Interface


GSM Module

The built-in GSM module enables a user to monitor and / or communicate with the radio network via a PSTN or GSM phone.

A PTT user can make and receive calls via the GSM network.   This is very critical for emergency.
When abnormal conditions or events occur, instance SMS can be sent to the system controller for via the GSM network for immediate attention.

Remote Control for PA System

Dial a DTMF access code on your PTT handset to activate the PA System in order to make an announcement / broadcast.

IP Network

Cross-Network Gateway (xTrunk) connects the radio network at different locations via the IP network.  No expensive wireless repeaters are required.

VoIP devices can also be communicate to the joined radio networks at no extra cost.

Additional capabilities can also be added via customized software enhancements.


Software Interface

Low Level Drivers

Network Topology

Direct mode to link up the same radio channel at 2 different locations (up to 3 channels are supported by each gateway) Mixed mode to link up different radio channels (voice cross over between different channels) Expanded mode to link up more than 6 radio channels


Extending Service Coverage

Radio service coverage is often affected by the geographical landscape, like high hills.  The traditional method is to build expensive radio repeaters on the  hills in order to extend the radio service coverage.  In addition, its maintenance cost is high and its performance is affected by the weather.  In this case, the Xtrunk gateways are the perfect solution.  They are low cost and easy to install and maintain.  They offer a very stable and reliable link between the two sites.

Traditional Telephone Services in remote area with only radio service coverage

The xTrunk gateway enables VoIP and / or GSM calls to and from the radio network.  A user can dial VoIP or GSM calls via the dial pad on the PTT terminal; incoming calls are also supported.  This is utmost important in the case of emergency.  This makes the radio network reachable from any part of the world.

Remote Control and Monitor

Office at a different location can monitor the on-site activities and issue instant commands for more efficient control and management.

Centralized Command Center

A centralized command center can easily be realized by using the xTrunk gateways to link up all radio services at different locations to the headquarter.  In the case of a major event, the headquarter can directly monitor and react immediately in order to get full control.

Public Safety

Public safety agencies in Clallam County must cover all the towns and roads, 150 miles of coastline, part of the Olympic National Park, the Canadian border, two marine ferries, and several Native American Nations.

Highway Control

Using the existing broadband network available at each tollbooth, it is simple to link up all radio networks along the highway to improve communications in order achieve better control and monitoring.

Monitoring and Commanding Radio Users via a Phone

The GSM channel in the xTrunk gateway enables direct access to the radio networks connected via any phone in the existing telephone networks (PSTN and Cellular).  This greatly facilitates the monitoring and commanding of the radio networks.


Hardware Specifications


Software Specifications



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